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The port of Tela, the second most important city in the department of Atlántida, keeps under its Caribbean sunshine: a kingdom of adventures - on land or in the water - in its two national parks and its botanical garden, a thousand shades of blue that only begin on its beaches, and marvelous natural shapes in its reefs.  All laced with the Caribbean flavors of machuca and rice & beans between Garifuna rhythms.

The Garifuna Culture, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, lives on the fine sands of villages such as Tornabé, San Juan & La Ensenada. The nearby village of Triunfo de la Cruz was founded in 1524, but Tela waited almost unchanged until the days when it blossomed around the production and export of bananas during the 20th century.

The best thing about all the wealth of Tela is that it is made for sharing, to take her back in great memories, to tell them and come back for more. 

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In Tela, nature provides in many ways. The beauty of its nearby beaches is complemented with the clearer and finer sand of Punta Sal, Puerto Escondido or Garifuna villages like Triunfo de la Cruz, Miami and La Ensenada. Sunsets in Tela are never forgotten by those who see one.

Its protected areas contain a sanctuary for howler monkeys in Punta Izopo and the Jeanette Kawas National Park, where without you can find many interesting resident and migratory birds. Go to this area by boat, passing into mangrove channels, stopping at secluded beaches or dive on the reef.

Tela has the largest living collection of exotic plants in the Americas. Lancetilla Botanical Garden, designed as a research center, is one of those special places for the most curious Caribbean travelers.

The Garifuna culture also lives on the sand of Tela, always ready to welcome and share its way of life with those who come to meet her. 

By land, you get to Tela from the east (from La Ceiba or from the southwest (from San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa) via an asphalt road in good condition.

From Tegucigalpa, the trip is 299 km (186 miles approx.); from San Pedro Sula 99 km (62 miles approx.); from El Progreso 71 km (44 miles approx.); and from La Ceiba 104 km (65 miles approx.)

Major quality bus companies are reaching Tela are Hedman Alas from Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, and Diana Express from San Pedro Sula