• Tourist in Roatan
    Tourist in Roatan

They say the Caribbean kept a secret for many years. The colors of a reef rich with life, a landscape with a turquoise blue horizon and mountains covered with tropical jungle would be the signs on a map that leads to this Honduran natural treasure.
That map would say its 125 sq. km/48 sq. mi, its islands and cays, are the way that the Caribbean defines paradise. The final sign that you have arrived is in its crystal waters, your footprints melting in the soft ivory sands.
Today, 1 million people a year find this map, arriving on direct plane flights, cruise ships and ferries, to find a treasure that will not fit in a box.
Here you can go scuba or snorkel, take a sailboat, motorboat or kayak, fly over the sea or dive deep in a submarine, swim with dolphins, walk amongst iguanas, share with Garifunas and eat the ocean’s finest bounty.
Ah ... they say you´ll hear the pirate legends ... So, are you coming?