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Since 2,000 years ago, people in the Copán Valley have farmed the same land, washed by the same rivers. Life today revolves around the archaeological treasures of the ancient ruins of a major Maya city-state and the natural beauty that surrounds it Birds, nature preserves, coffee farms, hot springs and great landscapes add to the area’s appeal, where researchers continue to uncover findings, decoding and rediscovering more about the life of the Maya at the southern end of Mesoamerica.
The architecture and sculpture of this political and ceremonial center of the Classical period is unrivaled in any other Maya city. See some in the museum, then go walk among pyramids, trees and animals, or go underground.
Copán Ruinas provides a refreshing landscape to enjoy natural wellness and the life of an active town rooted in its traditions. And maybe when you go there you will see why the Maya chose there to develop.