• Gracias, Lempira
    Gracias, Lempira

From the roof of Honduras, chief Lempira of the Lencas defended his country in the 16th century. Today those mountains are the Celaque National Park and the Lempira is the currency of HondurasCelaque means "Box of Water" in the Lenca language, so this lush area is ideal to watch birds, hike into the unexplored, or climb the highest peak in Honduras (2,849 m7 ft.).
This park provides water for Gracias, the country´s first colonial city, and years later, the first capital of Honduras. This is a city of cobblestone streets, home to many historical buildings, churches and a 19th century fort.
Nearby are refreshing hot springs and towns with extraordinary churches of the 16th and 17th centuries that depict the fusion of Lenca culture with the Spanish colonial. The colors of the Lenca handicrafts and customs, such as Guancascos - tribal meetings with centuries of tradition - summon you to Gracias all year.