San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo

It is the non-political capital of Valle department, it is a industrial, commercial and tourism engine, and home to Henecán, the main Honduran port on the Pacific.Thriving shrimp farms operate here, taking advantage of the exceptional conditions of...

Choluteca Bridge
The Southern Region

Honduras has a narrow Pacific coast filled with numerous islands and islets distributed in the Gulf of Fonseca. Southern Honduras is an area of high temperatures where you can visit with several interests in mind.If you are want to enjoy colonial...

Southern Food and Cuisine

Many of the most popular dishes of southern Honduras result from their local agriculture. The fruits (melon, watermelon, pineapple and mango) are eaten raw, while others, like 'jocotes' (plums) are seasoned with local salt.Livestock contributes...

Campamento y Santa Fe Beach

Punta Castilla are shielded from the open sea by the bay of Trujillo and thereby makes its clear waters more calm. Campamento, on the way to the Garifuna community of Santa Fe, is perhaps the most beautiful beach on the Caribbean coast of mainland...


Cayos Cochinos landscape
Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos are an archipelago consisting of two small islands (Cayo Menor and Cayo Mayor) and 13 tiny islets or “keys”. Its nearly 490 sq. km (190 sq.mi) are totally surrounded by the Caribbean, one of those places that can define the word...

miami community

The port of Tela, the second most important city in the department of Atlántida, keeps under its Caribbean sunshine: a kingdom of adventures - on land or in the water - in its two national parks and its botanical garden, a thousand shades of blue...

Hot Springs
La Ceiba

The capital of the Honduran Caribbean, the fun hostess to carnival parties, doorway to the sea, dance floor, launchpad for adventures, threshold to rich natural treasures: the port city of La Ceiba, is born around a huge Ceiba tree, sacred to...

Pineapple Tour

The sweet and tangy flavors of pineapples make them one of the world’s favorite fruits. Ever wonder how they get to your supermarket? This tour is a journey through the large-scale agro-industrial process of pineapple cultivation at one of the...

Garifuna Community
Garifuna Communities

The Garifuna, a free Afro-Indian Caribbean people, reach the Honduran coast in the late 18th century, expelled by the British from the island of San Vicente. The Garinagu (Garifuna in their language) bring with them their way of life and cultural...

La Ensenada Beach
La Ensenada

It is a newly rediscovered area with a 3km/2mi of beach with calm waters. Among the attractions that surround it are Laguna Quemada and Mount Triunfo de la Cruz. You can quietly enjoy the sea of white sand and enjoy a variety of restaurants that...

Miami community

It is a small community founded in 1973. The houses are typically built in most of its roof is palm trees, its inhabitants offer tours of the Micos Lagoon and Laguna Quemada, Villages Marion, Cerritos, Agua Chiquita and others. This community is...

Musicians in Corozal

Corozal is a Garifuna village 11 Km/7 mi from La Ceiba- traveling east in the direction of Jutiapa- where you can discover and enjoy the living cultural heritage that the Garinagu people proudly conserve, following the tradition and customs of their...

Gafiruna Playing the Snail
Sambo Creek

If you were looking for the place with most Garifuna population in Honduras, then travel 20 minutes from La Ceiba (15 km/9 mi), heading east towards Trujillo, and you arrive at the village which also has the best dance groups in the area.If the best...

Triunfo de la Cruz
Triunfo de la Cruz

It is one of the most populated Garifuna communities, located between 9-10 km/6 mi northeast of the city of Tela.There is a beach here that is approximately 2 km/1mi long, with a relatively calm sea, where you can find lodging and meals.

Elaboration of Casabe
Casabe Tour

People get to know each other best over food. The casabe tour takes you into a Garifuna kitchen to share one of the most basic food traditions of their unique culture.“Casabe” is a very thin and crispy food, a tasty unleavened round flatbread (made...

San Pedro Sula

Central Park of San Pedro Sula
San Pedro Sula

Some say that Central America has 7 countries, but 8 capitals. This Honduran capital of industry, commerce, events and transit tourists is the 8th capital. Since pre-Columbian times, this was an area for trading. Industry and immigrants are...

Lake Yojoa


Siguatepeque is the central point of Honduras, halfway between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. Located up on a plateau at 1,200 m (3,900 ft) above sea level, it enjoys a pleasant average temperature of 22 C° (71 F°). Siguatepeque is truly a city of...

Lake Yojoa
Lake Yojoa

Thanks to its biodiversity, this lake is a fountain of natural life. It is the largest reservoir of fresh water in Honduras, a mirror of landscapes.Jungle-covered peaks surround this 285 sq.km/110 sq. mi lake. There are 2 spectacular national parks...

Copan Ruinas and west Honduras

Santa Rosa de Copan
Santa Rosa de Copán

The western most major Honduran city joins colonial tradition with a modern desire to stand out on the map.See the historical legacy of its architecture while discovering its people, famous for talking faster and more smiles.Around an hour from the...

Coffee Tour
Coffee Tour

Western Honduras is one of the main coffee producing regions of the country, of high quality coffee that wins excellence awards worldwide.This tour will show you how coffee beans get processed: washing, drying, sorting and packing. Afterwards, of...

Coffee Tou
Coffee Tour at Finca Santa Isabel

Just 30 minutes from Copán Ruinas, Santa Isabel Farm is home to one of the best high altitude coffees in the country, the "Café Welchez" brand. Its doors are opened to show how their coffee is shade cultivated in a sustainable and organic manner,...

Gastronomy of Santa Rosa de Copan
Gastronomic Tour

Traditional Honduran cuisine has been heavily centered on corn ever since it was the staple food of the prehistoric peoples of Mesoamerica. Santa Rosa is known nationally for its cuisine, which still retains many traditional elements. The best...