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Honduras still has some way to go to recover and improve public safety. This is a national priority, with several actions already taken by the government that took office in January 2014.

The indexes associated with violence are high, to deny them would not only be dishonest, but also would be the worst way to reverse them. These figures descend slowly, but more importantly, we need to look at the larger picture.

Crime is a universal social problem, and its level and the conditions are what make it necessary to be more or less alert in one place or another. Its dangers may be more concentrated in certain areas or times, and avoiding them makes it less likely for us to be its victims.

There is the case of a part of the population of Honduras, affected at very different levels relative to those shown in national statistics. There are hundreds of thousands of middle and upper class Hondurans who, fortunately for them, can avoid most dangerous situations.

And if we take a look at the million foreign guests who visit us each year on average, we see that if they avoid the places, times and situations of greatest danger that they are even more detached from the violence that appears in the national statistics.

Safety is a priority for any traveler, and it would be pointless to deny our national violent crime  rates-which are reducing slowly- but it is equally true that it only marginally affects our guests, at levels comparable to most other world destinations.

When you think of visiting us, consider your safety, but keep in mind that, with a few precautions, you sure can permit yourself to live all the wonders that await you in Honduras.

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