• Lake Yojoa
    Landscape of Lake Yojoa

Thanks to its biodiversity, this lake is a fountain of natural life. It is the largest reservoir of fresh water in Honduras, a mirror of landscapes.
Jungle-covered peaks surround this 285 sq.km/110 sq. mi lake. There are 2 spectacular national parks on either shore to explore: Cerro Azul Meámbar and on the other side is Montaña de Santa Barbara, with a "Wetland of International Importance” around it.
Bird watching is fantastic, because almost 400 bird species exist here. The lake area also has 25% of Honduras’ mammals, over 40% of its reptiles, and 800+ species of plants.
The reason for this wealth of life: water. It drizzles here almost all year. Life rains down from the swirling mists of the cloud forests in the National Parks.
Hikes, water sports, fishing, relaxing, great food and the ancient ruins of "Los Naranjos" complete your options in this cradle of water and green life, midway between the 2 oceans.