• Pulhapanzak

When the water of the Lindo River runs out of ground, it falls 43 m/140 ft. at Pulhapanzak, causing a roar and a fine breeze.
The swimming area has a farm where you can milk cows and make cheese, plus also cabin rentals
Few know that the site also has remnants of an ancient stone walkway, a plaza and 4 mounds of the Classic period (600-900 AD)
The Lindo River continues with some fast sections where you can go tubing for 2 hours. Or weave towards the waterfall on one of 12 zip lines that also take you into the nearby forest.
Pulhapanzak, close to Lake Yojoa, is near San Buenaventura village, 17 km/ 10 mi from Peña Blanca. It is always overflowing with water that you cannot stop photographing.

From San Pedro Sula, go south on the CA-5 highway and take the road to the town of Rio Lindo and then to San Buenaventura. If you come from Tegucigalpa, travel north on the CA-5 highway to Lake Yojoa. Then go to the end of the lake and take the detour on the left side, going to Peña Blanca. From there, taking a secondary but paved road, you come to the village of San Buenaventura. The falls are within the private property of the Sabillón family.