Are you looking for the best hotel views in Honduras? There are some properties that offer that million dollar view! You simply cannot beat it, and yes a million dollar view can and should be a reason why you stay in one or another hotel. The natural geography of Honduras offers spectacular views, and I am happy to present a list of the best hotel views in Honduras! Best Hotel Views in Honduras: Copan Ruinas In my personal opinion, one of the best hotel views in Honduras can be found at the Hotel Hacienda San Lucas in Copan Ruinas. This hotel offers a unique setting overlooking the Copan Valley, and while the view is not really available from your room, they have a spectacular garden area on a natural bluff looking over the Copan Archaeological site and the town of Copan Ruinas. The out of town location makes of this the best view in Copan. Another one of the best hotel views in Honduras that can be found in Copan is within the Hotel Marina Copan. They have a new three story building, and the rooms on the top floor have a spectacular view over the red tiled roofs of town and on to the Copan Valley and pine clad mountains in the back. The drawback is that you have to climb the stairs to the third floor, however, one advantage is that they have a lookout spot that you can climb to and enjoy the view even if you are not a guest at the hotel! The third and last of the best hotel views in Honduras that can be found in Copan is at the Clarion Copan Ruinas Hotel. A spacious garden with a nice gazebo at the end of the garden overlooks the Copan Valley. The view is great, and you will enjoy it thoroughly. Many of the rooms at this hotel look out towards the valley, so you can truly enjoy the view from your room at this hotel. Best Hotel Views in Honduras: Tela Tela has a unique hotel that offers the perfect lookout spot over the bay: the Mayavista Hotel. This small hotel offers one of the best hotel views in Honduras. The property is perched on a small hill in downtown Tela, and offers a commanding view of town, the beaches, and the whole bay, including the Punta Sal Peninsula and the Punta Izopo Peninsula. Best of all, they have a great restaurant and bar where you can sit and enjoy this million dollar view at very reasonable prices! Best Hotel Views in Honduras: Trujillo Sitting up on the Capiro and Calentura National Park, the Hotel Colonial Villa Brinkley offers a commanding view of the beautiful Bay of Trujillo, and on a clear day you can clearly see the island of Guanaja in the background and the Cayos Cochinos just off the coast to the west. This is without doubt one of the best hotel views in Honduras, and the views are available from many of the rooms, as well as from the restaurant and pool areas. The hotel has undergone renovations and is under new management, and it is certainly a unique place to visit and stay in. Best Hotel Views in Honduras: La Ceiba The most spectacular area in La Ceiba is not towards the Caribbean, but towards the south, facing the magnificent Pico Bonito National Park. Here you will find one of the most scenic areas in all Honduras: The Cangrejal River Valley, located only a few miles from La Ceiba via an all weather dirt road. As you have probably guessed, the best hotel views in Honduras in La Ceiba are in hotels located in or near Pico Bonito National Park. The Lodge at Pico Bonito offers a stunning view to Pico Bonito Peak itself. On a clear day, you can look straight up from your plantation chair in the outdoor lounge at the Lodge at Pico Bonito and see the magnificent green peak that rises straight up to over 8,200 feet above sea level. If you consider that you are seated at approximately 400 feet above sea level, that is certainly a long way up! Las Cascadas Lodge, located in the Cangrejal River Valley offers a lovely view right out to a small creek and waterfall, just outside your room. This view is actually available from your bed. Is this is not unusual and unique? The lodge is a luxury property with only three rooms, and offers the perfect setting for a unique relaxing vacation or an adventure packed experience, you choose your style! La Villa de Soledad B&B is actually my favorite hotel view in all of Honduras. Perched on a bluff overlooking the Cangrejal River Canyon, facing Pico Bonito National Park and providing access to both Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks, this lovely bed and breakfast allows incredible views from a variety of hammocks that are strategically set out throughout the property. Very friendly hosts are always ready to help you arrange your tours, as well as to prepare outstanding homemade food if you are hungry. This magnificent view comes with a perk: In addition to the view, you have the sound of the river roaring in the background, which will help you relax and soak in all the peace and quiet of this lovely small hotel! Best Hotel Views in Honduras: Tegucigalpa Because it is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, getting good views of the city is actually quite easy! However the best view of the city from a hotel is arguably the view at the Sky Bar in the Minister Business Hotel, located on the Bulevar Suyapa. This is a roof top bar and offers a commanding view of the city. The hotel sits in one of the higher neighborhoods in the city and this, plus the fact that the bar is on the 7th floor combine to offer the best view of Tegus. Although a great view 24 hours a day, I personally love the night view of the city, especially on a moonlit night when you can see the silhouette of the mountains that encircle the city. Best Hotel Views in Honduras: Utila One of the Bay Islands of Honduras, Utila is the closest to the mainland. The fact that it is almost directly north of Pico Bonito affords it a unique view towards the skyline of the Nombre de Dios Mountain Range. On a clear morning, you can almost touch the mountains that rise up towards the sky. Several peaks, some over 8000 feet high, can be seen from the island. Although all of the hotels on the coast afford a view, the nicest settings to enjoy this spectacular view are the following hotels: The Utila Lodge has an expansive dock area where you can relax on a chaise lounge and soak in the view of the magnificent sky line towards the south. This is certainly my favorite spot on the island when it comes to enjoying the view. Another great spot to enjoy the view in the comfortable and relaxing setting is from the Laguna Beach Resort as well as from the Utopia Village. Both are the most exclusive resorts on the island. Best Hotel Views in Honduras: Guanaja Island House, one of the original hotels in Guanaja offers one of the best views in Honduras. Sitting on a lovely beach on the south shore of the island, Island House has a unique bar over the water called the Green Flash, the perfect place to relax and watch a beautiful sunset. The geographic location of Guanaja, and the perfect setting at the Green Flash provide one of the best sunset views on the Caribbean, with the sun setting over the island of Barbaretta, located a few miles to the west of Guanaja. The view is worth a trip to Guanaja just for the sunset itself! - See more at: