From the sunken treasure in Colombia until the discoveries in Greece, it's time to look back on the major findings of the year, in which Honduras ranks among the seven major archaeological discoveries of 2015 according to National Geographic, filled with pride to all Central America.

2015 was a year that archeology often garnered headlines in the media world. It is the year in which archaeologists succeeded in the field. From dive deep into the rainforests of Honduras in Central America, looking for new civilizations and come discover hidden cameras in the Tutankhamun tomb.

The researchers made their way into virgin rainforest in Honduras to confirm what airborne remote sensing (LIDAR) had already suggested: the remains of an almost unknown culture that flourished in eastern Mosquitia thousand years ago. Archaeologists have begun to study identified only one of several cities, full of squares, elaborate carvings, and a pyramid. The president of Honduras is committed to protect the area from illegal loggers and poachers, and the researchers plan to return in 2016, despite the fact that almost half the team was shot down by leishmaniasis during the expedition in 2015.

Top Seven greatest archaeological discoveries of 2015
- Hidden cameras in the tomb of Tutankhamun
- Lost Civilization discovered in the Honduran jungle
- Homo Naledi: A puzzling new branch to the family tree.
- Archaeologists identified the bodies of lost leaders of Jamestown
- Bobcat ceremonial burial mounds in Hopewell
- Tomb of warriors discovered in Greece
- Sunken-Treasure Galleon in Colombia (possibly the largest found in the new century)
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