Full steam jobs in Trujillo, Colon to get the city ready and able to receive and respond to the first cruise ship passengers of the season this January 13th at 7:00 in the morning. Tourism authorities and the authorities of Anthropology and History proceeded to labeling in English and Spanish about 34 buildings that make up the historic center of the city. Some of the identified monuments are the Fortress of Santa Barbara, San Baptist Cathedral, the Municipal Palace, the parish house, the police station, the prison and the grave of William Walker Fill-bustero.

The cleanliness of the city, the waste management, training, reorganization of the main actors in care and internal transfer of cruise passengers to different sites, other aspects are not neglected.

The cruise season in Trujillo will run until April but is thought to be extended another month reported the authorities of the Banana Coast, there is confirmation of 14 cruises with more than 12,000 passengers. According to the schedule of arrivals in January there will only be one, three in February, five in March, one in April, which cruises to more than 340 have as shipyard, the Port of Roatan and Mahogany Bay in Roatan would join. The activity we will have during the 2015-1016 season comes to positioning Honduras strongly on the issue of cruise and make clear that it was never true that the boats withdrew from Trujillo.