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  • Lenca women, Intibuca
    Lenca women, Intibuca

People will tell you to take a jacket when you visit La Esperanza. At 1,700 m / 5,600 ft., it is the highest city in the country, with a year-round climate between warm and cold, ideal for cool-weather crops like blackberries, strawberries, peaches, apples and potatoes.

La Esperanza is attached to Intibucá, its twin city. But these twins have no visible boundaries, though most people in Intibucá are Lenca Indians, while in La Esperanza, most are Mestizo Latinos.

There are many Lenca cultural traditions to discover. Try the unique Lenca cuisine and see how its colorful textiles are woven on traditional looms in the village of El Cacao, or go explore the central market of La Esperanza.

And if you enjoy fairs, then come visit in January for the Potato Festival, in February for the Ruta Lenca Craft Fair and in late June for the Choro Food Festival (named for a tasty wild mushroom from nearby forests).