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  • Petroglyphs in the Rio Platano
    Petroglyphs in the Rio Platano

The most remote area of Honduras is also the most diverse in species and ethnic groups. The Miskito tribe gives its name to this region covering much of eastern Honduras and the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Three other ethnic groups live here: the Pech, the Tawahkas and the Garifuna.
It is the largest rainforest after the Amazon in the Americas, formed by the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site; Patuca National Park, Tawakha Anthropological  Reserve, Cruta Caratasca Wildlife Refuge and Rus Rus Biological Reserve.
Taking an adventure into La Mosquitia with expert guides means that you are going to explore one of the most extreme parts of the continent.
As you enter a timeless world where trees block the sun, you are surrounded by wildlife and travel downstream, crossing through jungles, savannahs and lagoons, until you arrive at the Caribbean coast after the greatest adventure of your life.