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  • Trujillo Church
    Trujillo Church

Away from the traditional tourist routes, on a deep bay with some of the most beautiful beaches of mainland Honduras, Trujillo awaits you, wrapped in the natural beauty of the Guaymoreto Lagoon and the green peaks of Capiro and Calentura.

It has a thriving colonial past amid the ravages of pirate attacks, which is why the Fortress of Santa Barbara was built to defend against them. In the early 20th century, Trujillo is prosperous, thanks to the thriving plantations of the banana companies.

Few know that Trujillo also has a rich pre-Columbian past, which needs further research.

Besides its history, and the living culture of its Garifuna communities, Trujillo offers you the Campamento and Santa Fe  beaches, calm sheets of clear waters tinted turquoise; the biodiversity of the Laguna Guaymoreto mangroves merging with the Caribbean and jungles of the Capiro y Calentura National Park, plus a cruise ship pier.