• La Masca, Omoa
    La Masca, Omoa

The blue Caribbean waters turn inwards towards the Honduran coast, forming the lovely Bay of Omoa. The surf is calm here, with deeper waters and stunning sunsets that cannot be captured in the pictures you take. The San Fernando de Omoa Fort was built in this natural haven by the Spaniards to defend against attacks by pirates and privateers.

Facing the sea, this stone and coral structure is the main military structure from the colonial era of Honduras. As you explore it, try to imagine how life was long ago among its thick stone walls.

Omoa also gives you other fun choices. There are the woods, zoo, swimming pools and cabins of the San Ignacio Kids Eco-Park; the mountains, waterfalls and zip lines offered by Rawacala Eco Tour; the municipal beaches and nearby communities such as La Masca, a chance to visit a Garifuna community and the tasty flavors of its coastal cuisine, made with fresh seafood and fish.