• Empresa Nacional Portuaria
    Empresa Nacional Portuaria

The city with the most modern port in Central America was one of the first Spanish settlements in Honduras. Established in 1524 as VIlla de Puerto Caballos, Puerto Cortés is a city that has kept its serene pace of life as it has grown around its port (certified as a "Safe Harbor" for trade with the United States), as well as many local industrial parks and factories. Puerto Cortés is great for day trips from San Pedro Sula, being just 55 km (34 mi) away -or come here to enjoy its beaches, local food, the Garifuna culture and the wide variety of birds in the Laguna Alvarado mangroves.
The Municipal and Cieneguita beaches are 2 good options to enjoy the Caribbean sun as you watch the port. a 20 minute drive gets you to nearby Travesía and Bajamar, 2 Garifuna villages where you can try authentic Garifuna dishes cooked in wood-fired ovens.You can also book a guided tour of the National Port Authority.