• Central Park of San Pedro Sula
    Central Park of San Pedro Sula

Some say that Central America has 7 countries, but 8 capitals. This Honduran capital of industry, commerce, events and transit tourists is the 8th capital

Since pre-Columbian times, this was an area for trading. Industry and immigrants are drawn here by the banana companies in the 19th century. Today, the local output of factories and industrial parks, especially in textiles, is the country’s 2nd source of income.

Its location led to its growth. Warm "San Pedro” is in the fertile Sula Valley. It is only 55 km/34 mi from Puerto Cortes, the most important port in Central America; a30 min. flight from Roatan; a 2 hr. drive from the Atlantic coast attractions and 1 hour from Copan Ruínas.

Its Fair is in June, but it has cultural offerings all year long. This city sees modernization as a non-stop process, greeting you with all the amenities and services, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure.