• Cathedral of Comayagua
    Cathedral of Comayagua

The most colonial city of Honduras awaits you in central Honduras. Comayagua was the capital for a long time:  during the Spanish colonial period, the Central American Federation, as part of the Mexican Empire and of the independent republic until 1880.
It offers a number of churches of artistic value, particularly baroque ones, with outstanding altarpiece images. The Immaculate Conception cathedral is the most important. It has a detailed façade that projects outwards, and a tower with one of the oldest clocks in the Americas, made in 1100.
Go to the San Francisco Church and Convent to see the oldest bell in the Americas (1460), and La Caridad, site of the only church for Indians in Honduras.
Besides the religious art and pre-Columbian relics in its museums, during Holy Week you will see the streets of the Qld Quarter 'carpeted' with colorful sawdust designs, laid where religious processions will pass.