• La Tigra National Park
    La Tigra National Park

This mountainous cloud forest offers several ways to enjoy it, whether you are interested in nature or adventure excites you. Eight trails, from easy to challenging, weave through the 240 sq. km/ 93 sq. mi of this green and moist park, Tegucigalpa’s main water source.
The winged jewel of the isthmus, the quetzal, lives in the mists here- see one with enough patience and luck.
Also spot toucans and hawks, cats like ocelots, pumas and jaguarundis and many kinds of amphibians and reptiles.
Looming all around you are tall pines, sweetgums and other majestic trees, usually covered with moss. And at ground level are many plants, including 6 kinds of endangered ferns.
The impressive variety of insects, including many only found here, is something else to enjoy in the park while searching for the colors of a quetzal, the flutter of blue morpho butterflies or ocelots -discover all the shapes that life takes here.