• Manuel Bonilla Theatre
    Manuel Bonilla Theatre

This city of more than 435 years, the capital of Honduras since 1880, evolves even more rapidly this century. Together with Comayagüela, its twin city, it spreads out among the mountains surrounding the original town center, where it was founded as Real de Minas in the 16th century, site of rich silver mines.
This is the home of political power, government offices, embassies and international organizations.
It has a mix of colonial, neoclassical and modern buildings in an urban landscape that is becoming more vertical every day.  Also discover the local cultural and artistic life in its museums, galleries and cultural centers.
And if you want vivid landscapes and to breathe pure mountain air, visit the La Tigra National Park, the cloud forest home of quetzals and countless wildlife. Or you can visit the quaint little villages nearby, such as Valle de Angeles, Santa Lucia, Yuscarán and Ojojona.