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Petroglificos en el Río Platano

La Mosquitia

The most remote area of Honduras is also the most diverse in species and ethnic groups. The Miskito tribe gives its name to this region covering much of eastern Honduras and the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Three other ethnic groups live here: the Pech, the Tawahkas and the Garifuna.
It is the largest rainforest after the Amazon in the Americas, formed by the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site; Patuca National Park, Tawakha Anthropological Reserve, Cruta Caratasca Wildlife Refuge and Rus Rus Biological Reserve.

Destination : Otros


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Birds Fair 2015 has among its objectives support international bird conservation projects.

Rosy Zoo Walther among the best

With pride for the capital and for Honduras, Walther Rosy Zoo located in the United Nations Park, El Picacho, it has been ranked among the best in America.

Honduras in view of birdwatchers US

Conquer the interest and enthusiasm of American birdwatchers for Honduras to became a new destination for the practice of outdoor activities related to bird watching.

"Roatan Caribbean favorite" El Universal

The Mexican newspaper El Universal, in his blog "DESTINATIONS", dedicates a space to talk about the paradise island of Roatan, which it describes as the "preferred the Caribbean".

Recognize Honduran archaeologist work

Renowned national archaeologist Ricardo Agurcia Fasquelle receive recognition José Trinidad Cabañas.

Coral Reef identified in Trujillo

Specialists during their dives were able to identify at least so far about 11 coral reefs in excellent condition which would not have much to envy other famous and important as existing in the Honduran Caribbean.

Calendar Content

03 Oct

Saturday October 3, 2015, the day will be celebrating the 8th Photo Walk the World renowned American photographer "Scott Kelby".

From: Saturday 03 , October To: Saturday 03 , October, 2015

07 Oct

October holidays are enjoyed from the first Wednesday of the month, according to an amendment approved by Congress.

From: Wednesday 07 , October To: Sunday 11 , October, 2015

09 Oct

Jump from a plane over the natural jewel of the Honduran Caribbean; Bay of Tela, experience the sensation of falling more than 200 km / hr

From: Friday 09 , October To: Sunday 11 , October, 2015

15 Oct

The National Tourism Award Copan, is the highest award given to tourism businesses and individuals

From: Thursday 15 , October To: Thursday 15 , October, 2015

18 Oct

Extreme Roatan Champion 2015 being awarded to the first Male and Female to complete the 4 km course.

From: Sunday 18 , October To: Sunday 18 , October, 2015